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HESHOUTANG Nigeria HQ is located in the commercial center city Lagos, as a branch company of HESHOUTANG HOLDINGS, INC.
HESHOUTANG has created world #1 natural health system which is easier to learn, duplicate, effective and safe. With Heshoutang natural health system you can easily deal with most common diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, fatty Liver, gastric acid Reflux, stomach pain, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, insomnia, body pains, skin problems, infertility, painful menstruation, arthritis, impotence, obesity, hepatitis, kidney stones, migraine and parkinson disease etc.
HESHOUTANG Nigeria main task is spreading natural health to local people.
For people who want to distribute Heshoutang natural health system please click "Contact Heshoutang Nigeria" to leave a message or make a call; for people who want to get individualized natural health plan, please click "Online Patient Form", we will reply to you in 24 hours time; You can also make an appointment to come to our office.
Heshoutang natural health system will bring unexpected benefit for people of the world.

Heshoutang is the first company who created and is using the standard of natural products its own, this standard is called GESIN:
GESIN standard keeps Heshoutang products following natural products its own rule to guarantee customers could have authentic products.
With great research team and GESIN standard, HESHOUTANG has created series of great and effective products for patients with diabetes, cancer, arthritis, digestive disorders, hepatitis and early stage of liver cirrhosis, stones and prostatis, insomnia, migraine and low energy etc. Among these great products, we have filled new acknoledge such as diabetic product GlucoNature caring body functions disorders and cancer product CANTICER caring energy blance of cells, these idea is also #1 in the world, and these new idea has opened new hope for God's people.
Because of shortage of natural doctors and wide development of Internet, Internert + Diagnosis + Medication is a trend for people have to accept, and also it is the only way by which people can get professional natural health service maximum. HESHOUTANG has studied and practised this way many years and especially succeeded in Heshoutang USA clinic, this project will be copied to all of USA soon. Heshoutang online diagnosis and medication can offer people individual natural therapy plan and it will bring unexpected benefit for people of the world.
Turst is the first important rule which Heshoutang is always keeping, it is the first key which opens the door of success. Heshoutang keeps trust on the formula, on the ingredients, on manufacturing processing and on transactions, on basis of this procedure, Heshoutang created GESIN standard for Heshoutang natural products and services to guarantee the quality.
Love from Heshoutang, Love for the world.

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